Handyman Services

You can get a standard or emergency response for the handymen in your area. We endeavor to offer a little localized advice and supply a link, telephone number and email address. For locations where you can receive good services in your area.

Types of handyman services you may require basic auto maintenance, cabinet refacing, Carpentry, Ceiling repair, tiling and very basic plumbing and electrical work.. If you would like a quotation or to have a confidential discussion please select the appropriate link above. Request a quote now

Get the right information

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Enter the name of your county in the search box to see information relevant you your district. On the page searched for you will also find 10 points to consider before hiring a handyman. Followed by Support information to indicate what to do in the event of problems occurring.

Emergency Call-out Ireland services include Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Handymen

Quotations and Estimates

When we provide quotations/estimates – We will endeavor to honor all quotes in good faith for up to 30 days. For all prices and products, we reserves the right to make adjustments due to changing manufacturer price changes, market conditions, errors in communication and other extenuating circumstances. All quotations are assuming a cleared prepayment/deposit has been received. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any payment past the due date may incur additional charges.

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