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Complete the form below to request a quotation or service. Once received we will either issue an immediate quote or call you to complete the information required and arrange a time to call-out to complete the quote/paperwork and/or do the job.


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Conversations – Your communications with us are strictly confidential and in some cases may require a Non-disclosure Agreement to be signed.

Quotation/estimates disclaimer – We will endeavor to honor all quotes in good faith for up to 30 days. For all prices and products, we reserves the right to make adjustments due to changing manufacturer price changes, market conditions, errors in communication and other extenuating circumstances. All quotations are assuming a cleared prepayment/deposit has been received. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any payment past the due date may incur additional charges.

This service is provided free of charge (i.e. no membership fee required) it is sponsored by: Solid Service Group Ltd and is for the use of users based in the ROI (Republic of Ireland) or organisations with property in the ROI. Emergency Call-out Contractors is a trading name of Solid Service Group Ltd.